Hello everybody and welcome back today! We're going to talk about how to make agreement while sign offering letter process. So make sure you click on the belt icon down below so you get a notification everytime we create a new article and we will also link all the related article down below and don't forget to subscribe. So in the previous article, we ever talked about the recruitment process. And right now I will give you tips in the last process on the recruitment. It is about sign offering letter or sign contract process. Beginning from when I was getting the information from one of ignition broadband company in Indonesian. That is PT Mora Telematika Indonesia, although I need to waiting so long, that's okay I accepted it.
However, tomorrow I should make a big decision on my career. Because I always thought when I choose to resign and move to another company that means there is so much thing that should be considered. So I ask for a tip to a friend about anything that is to be prepared so that I do not regret after it. Then she gives me some point such as:
  1. Terkait masalah kontrak apabila diberi 1 tahun program MADP, benefit apa saja yang saya dapatkan? yang related dengan MADP selain training, coaching and sharing.
  2. Apakah gaji itu sama dengan poket money? Lalu tunjangan apa lagi yang saya dapatkan untuk mensupport pekerjaan saya? Misalnya pulsa dan kuota apakah itu dicover oleh perusahaan? kemungkinan saya dapet gaji berapa saat statusnya sudah permanent (lolos program MADP)?
  3. Tunjangan apa saja dari segi kesehatan yang saya dapatkan? Bagaimana dengan BPJS Ketenagakerjaan dan BPJS Kesehatan?
  4. Untuk laptop apakah saya provide sendiri atau difasilitasi dari kantor? Lalu apakah saya mendapatkan "fasilitas yang sama" dengan karyawan permanent disana?
  5. Apabila ada perilaku yang tidak menyenangkan dari karyawan dilingkungan kita even bos saya sendiri misalnya, kemana saya bisa mengadu?
  6. Apabila seandainya saya mendapatkan better offer from another company, apakah surat referensi bisa diberikan? Bagaimana dengan ijazah, apakah ada penahanan?
  7. Untuk dapat naik ke jenjang permanent, perlu waktu berapa lama? apakah 6 bulan cukup? Atau perlu 1 tahun?
That is the seventh point that important to ask when you are sign contract with a company. I think that's all are highlighted of sign offering letter tips, if you want to add more tips please comment on down below. So make sure you stay tuned for that article if you know anyone who can benefit from this article make sure you share it don't forget to leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and your love down below. I thank you so much for reading this article until next time 😉 thinks strong always I'll talk to you guys again very soon bye.

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