Last day in Singapore, We have to check out when the cruise had arrived at the harbour. That meaning of it's time to say goodbye to the cruise hehe. I hope, I can come here again with my special partner for honeymoon moment one day, Insyaallah. haha
At the harbour, we need to reregistration at the check-in desk and show our passport again. Next, we are going to go outside heading to the bus. In Singapore, we were being guided by Mr Aidar again. And she tells us many things about Singapore. I like her, She has a good personality like humble, humorous, smart and she is a Muslim. I think she is a perfect professional tour guide. At this moment, we are going to go to a restaurant for lunch. After that, we will visit the famous location in Singapore.

Finally, It's the Marlion. The iconic of Singapore. Katanya ga afdol kalo ke Singapore gak foto disini. It looks like a fish with the lion head. I don't know, what is the meaning of the shape of the statue? maybe, is there someone around me who could answer? Ok right now, I will look someone here to explain about Marlion. Let's have a look! 

Me: "Excuse me, sir. Can you help me? would like to take an interview with you, personal interview, right? Earlier allowing me to introduce my self. I am Arif from Indonesian. I am on vacation here. So, may I know who is your name, sir? 

Edgar: "Edgar, from Australia. What can I do for you?"

Me: "Nice to meet you. Can you see? I am making a Vlog. And I hope you can help me to answer some question about Singapore. Starting from May I ask you about Marion statue? What do you know about Marion? are you know the meaning of the shape it?"

Edgar: "Oh, of course. I think the Merlion is the official mascot of Singapore, depicted as a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. Being of prominent symbolic nature to Singapore and Singaporeans in general, it is widely used to represent both the city-state and its people in sports teams, advertising, branding, tourism and as a national personification."

Me: "Oh, hehe you know more about Singapore bro, different than me. I don't know more about Singapore because this is the first time I am visiting Singapore hehe by the way how long have you lived here?"

Edgar: "Long enough, about more 3 years. I am working here but my nationality is Australia."

Me: "Oh, I see. But Thank you for your explanation, sir this nice meeting. Nice to meet you. I hope we will meet again next time."

Nah, tadi itu It's all about Marlion by Mr Edward In the fact, he has lived in Singapore since 3 years ago. He knows more about it. Next, we will buy a gift at Bugis market. However, I hadn't taken a picture there. Because I am focus to selection. I was spending $45 for 2 souvenirs, 2 tote bags and 3 kids t-shirt.
And that is the last my journey in Singapore. I found a lot of new things on this journey. But I know one thing, In Singapore I can practice my English skill and that is very well for me. So if you want to develop your English you have to travel to Singapore. Terimakasih sudah membaca.

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