And next, after lunch, we are going to the harbour. Its name is Marina Bay Cruise Center or common abbreviated MCBC, which is from outside MCBC we could see directly sized of the cruise. And this moment I feel so amazed. Gede banget kapalnya bro! I find it curious and can't wait to know what is in it.
And this is the situation inside the harbour. So many people are waiting for the boarding process. But one thing here isn't more strict than the Changi Airport. Although, you still have to reregistration at the locket of immigration. 
After that, I need to walk a little in the corridor to get the cruise. Tour guide given me suggested to first putting my baggage in my room then we have to assemble in the Zodiak Theater area to get a briefing and safety drill.

At this moment I was told many facilities and areas are on the cruise like Swimming pool and slide area, Restaurant area, Clubbing area, Domino area, Gym area and so on. Wow, I think this is very complete facilities.

Next, we may back to the room for a short break and take a bath. And then, we need to prepare for dinner at Lido Restaurant. You can find and take anything food here. Yes, all you can eat. I'm serious, that's why I am always full whenever there hehe Gak mau rugi!

In the evening, there is the main event at Zork Beach Club with the vintage theme. The meaning of this theme is as a celebration of 50th years of anniversary company. At the time who become Master of Ceremony for this event are Ali, Migo, Agaya and Ivan. They were a success to guide that event so that all of the audience dissolved in pleasure. Kalian keren! The event is over at 11.30 time in Singapore. And for tomorrow morning we have agenda to take a picture together with all of the member Indesso. Indesso Cileungsi, Tanah Abang, Malaysia, Purwokerto and so on. Everbody are kindly requested assembly at Zork Beach Club at 08.00.

The second days morning is time to take a picture together. Let's make a memorable moment now!
After that, I was given the opportunity to do free activities during lunch. I choose to try swimming slide with Iqbal. Initially, I wanna record my swim activity with action cam. But I can't, because we don't get allowed to use the camera while sliding on the water slide. Whereas before, I had watched a review video on YouTube about this cruise. They were allowed to use the camera while sliding and swimming. I don't know, maybe this is current regulation.

After lunch, we directed to Zodiak Teather to watch many film and performance from all of member Indesso starting from greeting anniversary films, give an award until soft launching the new logo. And at this moment I have a chance to take a picture together with our Manufacturing Director Mr Efendi. Wow, this is uncommon moment hehe. Mr Handoko & Mr Melinda who become Master of Ceremony that moment had succeeded to guide very well.
Then, I have a plan to try exercise at the GYM. I was doing it. I try all of the fitness tools with Iqbal. At this moment, we meet Mr Alex and talk about a lot of things. He seems to like us from Indesso but he worked at Indesso Malaysia.  His personality is very good, humble and always say "you power" wkwk. After exercise, we were choosing to play basketball with anyone else.
At the last night of the cruise, I have an opportunity to watch a live performance from some finalist of Chinese got talent. I am just speechless and impressed with their performance. It so absolutely incredible.
If you keep wanna read my story, please open to next article. Thanks

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